• Mobile Development

    Employees are on the go — in the office, at hospitals, on-location across town. Mobile devices are rapidly becoming more accessible, and now is the time to gain operational advantage with mobile … Read More >>

    Mobile Development
  • Managed IT

    SSi Smart-Sourcing™ is a unique approach developed as a solution specifically targeted at the business challenges faced by emerging and mid-market companies. SSi Smart-Sourcing™ is based on the … Read More >>

    Managed IT
  • SaaS

    SSi Application Development - Do you want to lower your cost and speed the automation of your organization? Software as a Service (SaaS) offers an alternative to costly and lengthy custom software … Read More >>

  • Application Development

    Every business is unique and has requirements for a mix of purchased products and custom solutions. Custom solutions developed by SSi help companies in areas including: Business … Read More >>

    Application Development

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Smart Cards Are Not the Solution to Identity Theft. The Resolution is Verifiable IDENTITY AUTHENTICATION says SaaS Software, Inc. (SSi)

Company Building Preemptive Impregnable Solution in Partnership with Identity and Security Fraud Experts DALLAS, TEXAS – April 3, 2014 – SaaS Software, Inc. (SSi), announces The Identity Authentication System as the only verifiable solution to the global epidemic of identity theft. This introduction challenges the credit card industry's current … Read More >>