Application Development

Application Development

Every business is unique and has requirements for a mix of purchased products and custom solutions.

Custom solutions developed by SSi help companies in areas including:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Automation and streamlining critical processes
  • Proactive monitoring, alerting. and reporting of critical processes
  • Inventory and cost management
  • Custom CRM
  • Scheduling and event management

The success of the custom solutions development has been a major driver to the penetration of SSi into hosted commercial products in healthcare and other industries.

SSi’s rapid development process utilizing project managers, business analysts, data architects, graphics and user interface architects, senior developers, and a strong QA team ensures the client and SSi work closely to deliver the business solution that meets the requirements delivering a timely project completion and rapid ROI.

Clear checkpoints throughout the process drives clear communication, a team approach, and fast turnaround to keep the project on track throughout.

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