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Incredible recent advances in technology have made tailoring web-based, mobile systems not only accessible for any size business but also affordable. Information at the touch of a fingertip. Instant updates with real-time data from any location. Nearly zero wait time for optimal business efficiency.

Employees are on the go — in the office, at hospitals, on-location across town. Mobile devices are rapidly becoming more accessible, and now is the time to gain a business advantage with mobile solutions.

Be informed.

SSi has seen a revolution in intelligent devices and the vibrant, diverse applications we can utilize to achieve operational advantages. Dropping costs for devices puts mobile solutions within reach for most business without the burden of heavy financial investment.
Mobile solution benefits include:
• low cost (cheaper than traditional laptops)
• built-in cameras and speakers (powerful application interaction)
• capture signatures (industry acceptance for electronic medical records submission, etc.)
• simple setup/configuration (manage devices from central location)
• remotely manage/ track device location and usage (includes disabling lost or stolen devices

SSi – Success Story: metroPCS

metroPCS SSi Application Development Solution Screenshot

SSi partnered with metroPCS, a national wireless telecommunication company, to make substantial business process improvements by equipping their field technicians with smart phones and tablet devices and help employees reduce time spent checking into a field site.

SSi was able to develo

With a system up and running on web-based servers and accessible on mobile devices, solutions are in place now where the company doesn’t need to drain their internal workforce that’s already busy doing day-to-day functions.p process management for metroPCS and build systems that allow the company to manage their cellular network, send staff alerts when

issues arise, see key-performance indicators and alert employees where attention is required.

This cloud, web-based solution eliminated 10-15 minutes and reduced costs for each site visit, resulting in significant annual savings and productivity improvements.

The customized solution easily captures, accesses and tracks documents and information in any process, including accounting and billing, human resources and contract management. The software is designed to save money and time, increase operational efficiencies and provide the tools to better manage the bottom line.


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