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– Do you want to lower your cost and speed the automation of your organization? Software as a Service (SaaS) offers an alternative to costly and lengthy custom software solutions. Moving from a custom software development to a SaaS solution offers many benefits:

  •   Lower cost alternative
  •   Less initial cost outlay
  •   Lower cost associated with custom software development
  •   Outsource hardware, software and support costs
  •   Better economies of scale – offer better, cheaper, more reliable applications
  •   Feature rich applications
  •   Only pay for the elements you need: Modular nature allows for tailoring application to unique business needs
  •   Quicker deployment since software is off-the-shelf, near simultaneous deployment to devices – within an office, across town or throughout the nation
  •   Less internal support
  •   More security – minimal data stored locally on machine
  •   Safer – centrally located and cloud-based, browser-based
  •   Take advantage of ideas, industry expert user input and improved functionality over time
  •   Develop alternative or additional revenue streams – we can build an app for that
  •   Competitive advantage – focus on business, not developing custom software

SSi is an experienced Application Service Provider (ASP) with particular expertise in the healthcare industry partnering with clients to improve patient care.

SSi developed SaaS healthcare solutions are running In over 600 hospitals across the United States, Canada, and Australia. Patient Call Manager (PCM) was developed as a partnership with Studer Group, the highly respected Malcolm Baldrige Quality award winning organization that is helping hospitals improve healthcare, patient satisfaction, and improve HCAHPS scores.

Patient Call Manager®, The Clinical Call System (PCM) is one of our most important tools for making patients an integral part of the collaborative care team. It is designed to extend care outside the hospital walls–both before patients enter the hospital and after they go home.

PCM benefits include:

  • Strong first impression on patients
  • Reduce no-shows and late arrivals
  • Improve pre-procedure patient compliance
  • Reduce preventable readmissions
  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Reinforce compliance with discharge instructions and understanding of medications
  • Decrease patient anxiety
  • Improve overall perception of quality of care as measured by HCAHPS
  • Allow for a continuum of care outside hospital walls

Leadership Evaluation Manager® (LEM) equips healthcare organizations with a foundation to build accountability and a sense of urgency to align behaviors to outcomes. This urgency comes from an objective, weighted evaluation process.  It is paramount that the accountability translates to the evaluations of senior leaders and individual managers as well. The leader evaluation process is also about a balanced approach to accountability. It holds leaders accountable for performance against known measurement of an indicator and coach them to higher levels of performance. LEM also allows the mechanism to recognize high performers when they exceed our goals. Measurements must be taken so that everyone knows where they are throughout the fiscal year. While objective goals certainly must relate to the business imperatives or the operational roles and responsibilities, ultimately this tool represents an individual leader’s performance evaluation and must also consider the individual leader’s skill set and need for growth and development.

To learn more about PCM and LEM, go to:

SSi is currently developing other solutions for healthcare partners including a home healthcare solution for managing the intricacies of automated management for home visits by therapists, nurses, physicians, and the home health organizations that manage them.

If you are a company looking for a clear roadmap for meaningful SaaS solutions from a trusted Applications Service Provider (ASP), contact SSi today and leverage our SaaS Application Development expertise.

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