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  • SSi are experienced Microsoft  SharePoint partnersSharePoint enables you to store, synchronize and share your content and information
  • SharePoint facilitates knowledge sharing
  • SharePoint keeps everyone on the same page
  • SharePoint informs everyone relevantly
  • SharePoint helps you find who and what you need
  • SharePoint ensures you stay on track and deliver on time
  • SharePoint accelerates informed decisions

Why Deploy SharePoint?

Information is a key driver and perhaps the most critical asset a business possesses to achieve continued success. Overcoming the challenge of using information effectively is a common business challenge.

Weak information sharing, collaboration and communication causes:

  • Lost productivity due to disconnected people and teams
  • Slow turnarounds on questions, feedback, and input while collaborating
  • Untapped or underused expertise of institutional knowledge
  • Frustration when accessing internal websites and on-line portals

Microsoft SharePoint was built to address these challenges.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is challenging to define. It is that it is not a single software application like Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint; nor is it a suite like Outlook with email, calendaring and contact management. SharePoint is really a platform or framework to accelerate information flow, enhance communications and facilitate effective collaboration. SharePoint isn’t software you purchase and install on your own desktop but rather it’s a back-end system installed on a server that connects your employees’ computers and mobile devices together, facilitating agile collaboration, communication and synchronization of your team’s efforts.

Who uses SharePoint?

SharePoint has become a vital enterprise collaboration platform, regardless of an organization’s size. All organizations face time sensitive business opportunities, an accelerating business environment, and increasing demands on people and resources. SharePoint is used by over 75 per cent of Fortune 500 companies, but it’s flexible enough that one hundred scattered employees work together like a team of ten in the same room.

How is SharePoint Used?

SharePoint is deployed in a variety of ways by different organizations. For some SharePoint is a collaboration tool, for others it’s a place to store and share documents. Others exploit the full power of SharePoint and use it as a workflow engine to automate tasks, synchronize collaboration and ensure timely accurate communications.

The team at SSi has seen SharePoint successfully deployed in the following ways:

  • SharePoint as a CRM Solution
  • SharePoint as a persoSharepoint for colloboration, portal, search, content management, business processes and business intelligencenal organizer
  • SharePoint as an interactive Website
  • SharePoint as a document resource
  • SharePoint as a shared calendar
  • SharePoint as a contacts database
  • SharePoint as a HR portal to onboard new employees
  • SharePoint as a means to meet compliance needs
  • SharePoint as a business intelligence tool
  • SharePoint as a workflow management system

A SharePoint Case Study – Darling Ingredients: Terra Renewal

SharePoint Case Study - Terra RenwalUnder Darling Ingredients Inc.’s Terra Renewal Industrial Residuals brand collects liquid and semi-solid byproducts from food processors, industrial wastewater facilities, and pulp and paper manufacturers and transforms them into a pure soil amendment for farmers, thus reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers and reducing the burden on landfills. Terra Renewal operates in 24 states, from Maryland to Colorado and has 36 different operating centers. A key part of their operation is collecting and transporting liquid and semi-solid organic residuals on a daily basis.

SSi was engaged to develop a mobile application for their drivers and leverage SharePoint’s capabilities to transform their form-filled legacy system into a paperless workflow. By integrating the new drivers’ new mobile app with their legacy system, SharePoint accelerated communications, accelerated the capture and improved the accuracy of information and ultimately increased workflow efficiencies. This was a key strategic initiative of the company with the plan to have all locations use the solution.

SSi specifically deployed SharePoint with Terra Renewal to leverage the following key functions of the platform:

  • SharePoint’s capabilities to host an Intranet to store and share key data
  • SharePoint’s project management abilities to better manage resources, time and money
  • SharePoint’s collaboration features to enhance communication and information flow across disparate locations
  • SharePoint’s workflow functions to improve Terra Renewal’s business processes and help people save time

The end result of the engagement generated several key benefits for the client:

  • Reduced the number of times the same data had to be reentered
  • Standardized business processes across all locations/divisions
  • Improved visibility to KPIs to better measure productivity
  • Accelerated speed of invoicing customers and thereby improved working capital and cash flow
  • Reduced financial close cycle
  • Improved and sped up financial reporting
  • Reduced costs by improving data quality and simplified the data collection process
  • Established a platform that positioned Terra Renewal for long-term growth

Your Next Step?

SSi is a highly experienced Microsoft partner. Our team will provide you a firsthand look at the capabilities of the latest version of SharePoint and discuss how its unique strengths can be used to support your people and grow your business.

Please contact Duane Draeger today at 972-567-4518 or email us at to schedule your free SharePoint consult to explore the advantages of SharePoint for your business, provide a demonstration of Microsoft’s SharePoint capabilities, and discuss how a SharePoint solution can add value and increase workflow in your organization.

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