Fogo de ChaoIn the business technology world, it’s hard to find really talented and qualified people. It’s even harder to find quality people who have a great attitude, the ability to understand your business needs and get the job done. Over the years, George has done a great job building a team at SSi with these qualities. SSI’s level of service has allowed me to multi-thread my resources and move the needle on a lot of projects at Fogo de Chao. By leveraging SSi’s multi-talented team, I have been able to deliver in months what would have taken my internal team years to complete!

Keanan Wrighh, Fogo De Chao

metroPCSSSi is a very agile, energetic and innovative technology company who put in the extra effort to meet our needs. They have handled several facets for metroPCS: including application development with 24/7 support all without us having to add resources on our side. They have done a great job in adapting to our environment and processes and have transformed our raw customer data to dashboard visibility and business analytics for management.

Russell Neis, MetroPCS

Studer Group“We have a long-term relationship with SSi as our development partner for commercial software products. The collaboration and teamwork between us ensured the software developed met the often challenging requirements and needs of our customers. They worked diligently with us in defining the appropriate scope and specs for the application’s design to ensure the final deliverable demonstrated the quality, service and high reliability requisite in a commercial product. The applications SSi developed are foundational to our offering and have been deployed in over 600 health care facilities. I appreciate relationships that are focused on client needs. The SSi leadership team genuinely cares about our success, demonstrates a commitment to our needs and their responsiveness to both challenges and opportunities is highly valued by the Studer Group.

Debbie Ritchie, Studer Group

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